The security of any vehicle towed by A Superior Towing Company Inc is of the utmost importance. We have trained our drivers to go over all inventory property receipts with the officer at the scene to ensure that all property and any prior damages have been logged on the tow sheet.

At our storage facility, all vehicles for storage are separated by "Hold" and "Non-Hold" status and placed in separate areas of our storage yard.

At A Superior Towing Company Inc, the entire two and half acre lot is surrounded by an eight foot solid concrete wall. The single main entrance into the facility with ample customer parking showcases the main office building where our administrative staff conducts the day to day operations, and the customers can come to reclaim their vehicles at a secure main release window. Video surveillance captures all points of access including the main entry way to the property, the release window and each area of the yard. These cameras are also located within the warehouses to provide added security with those vehicles deemed "On Hold" by law enforcement.

Ventilation and climate controlled "On Hold" storage rooms allow for vehicles to be kept not only secure but for evidentiary purposes, remain intact. Outdoor lighting is a key to keeping our Davie location secure, and the entire property is lit with high intensity LED lighting.

Our administrative office is located at the main entrance having a clear view of all incoming traffic. Dispatchers are on site 24 hours per day seven days a week including all holidays. We always have dispatchers and night drivers at these locations should law enforcement have need to utilize the facilities during off hour shifts.